About us

As bright as the color pink, that lights up the surrounding we at Pink & You work hard to give you a radiant and healthy space to live in. Pink & You was established with the aim of assisting households and cooperates in keeping their premises clean. We realized that many homes and offices would appreciate an extra hand at cleaning and maintenance. While most people think that a cleaning job could be considered a Do it yourself project, in actual fact it takes expertise to properly maintain house or an office. Cleaning does not simply include sweeping and mopping but it involves a living condition that is germ free, therefore Pink & You not only promises a sparkling environment but also a healthy environment to live and work in.

As commercial and domestic cleaning services providers, Pink & You has a vast experience of working closely with many prestigious cooperate and domestic clients. Whether it’s a home, home garden, Small business premise, sales outlet or commercial building we have the resources to give you a satisfactory service. While we have a wide range of pre-planned packages we are also flexible enough to adjust to your requirement. When you contact us with your requirement our team will first visit the location for monitoring before we give you a quote.

Our Service team is congenial and efficient. Pink & You maintains high standards when recruiting its staff. We ensure that all our staff and friendly and credible. Your safety is our utmost concern, which is why usually our team is always under the supervision of a senior staff member.