Our Services

Whether it’s a home or an office, our services come in handy to anyone who requires an extra hand in building maintenance. Our promise is to give you a clean and tidy space to live and work in. Our cleaning and maintenance services are available for

  • Private homes
  • Business offices
  • Sales outlets
  • Commercial buildings
  • Private events
  • Out-door events
  • Exhibitions/sale events
  • Weddings and all type of gatherings

The following are the standard cleaning services offered by Pink & You.

Daily cleaning services
This cleaning services plan includes the services offered by one or more (depending on the capacity required) of our staff member who will be allocated to your premises on a daily basis. Depending on your requirement and the type of maintenance you can opt to obtain services during scheduled hours or obtain services throughout the day.

Mobile cleaning services
This service is ideally for events both outdoor and indoor. Our mobile janitorial team will be present at the location during the required hours. This service also may be obtained by those clients who require only few hours of maintenance or cleaning. Our team will visit you at the required times during the week and offer its services.

Tea services
We also undertake the service of making tea/ refreshments at cooperate offices. Our team will be made available to you during the required hours and if necessary will also maintain your pantry area.

Garden maintenance
Garden maintenance services are provided for both domestic and commercial premises. Our skilled team will ensure that your garden is not only beautiful but is also maintained well in a healthy manner. With the rise of diseases such as dengue a properly maintained garden will ensure the safety of the inhabitants.

Colour washing of buildings/ Maintenance
If you are looking for people to paint the walls of your home or office, our team members will come in handy for you. You only have to give us the instructions of what needs to be done where and we will simply let your mind at ease and do the work for you in a professional manner.

However apart from the above if you feel that you may need our help with something more, you can discuss about those with us too.